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When this page is completed I will have pictures of "the ladies" I have had the pleasure to ride. I call them "Ladies", because as with any good lady, one must treat them with respect or suffer the consequences.

My Ladies have included Indians, Vincents, Triumphs and Harleys. They date back to a "sweet" 1941 Indian (see Fur Bro's ride on the Fur Bro Page)

These ladies came into my life new--I have been riding scooters for a longggggg time. 

I was a "scooter tramp" when scooter tramps  were not fashionable. I was the one your mom warned you about. (HeHe) "Don't you grow up like him!" "You can't go out with him!"

Scooter 1

When the pictures are available 
you can run the cursor over the titles on the left 
to see their pictures and descriptions here.

Scooter 2

Scooter 3
Scooter 4
Scooter 5
Scooter 6
Scooter 7
Scooter 8
Scooter 9
Scooter 10

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